Backpack and school life or business travel

A practical idea to carry your stuff is carrying it in a backpack. If you are a student or a business traveller then a backpack is the solution to your baggage problem. Every business traveller and in fact most of the students do the same and it makes sense. Backpacks are easy to carry on shoulders even you can easily do cycling while keeping your stock with you in a manageable manner. If you are not used to carrying a backpack then no worries, once you get aware of the benefits and the practical side of them. You will definitely make a room for it in your life.

Being a student means carrying a lot of stuff on your shoulders on a daily basis. School bags are not enough room to hold all your day to day things. Your school bags might feel heavy and hard to keep. Your everyday routine sucks you while arranging your gear in your school bag. You always have to shortlist things to take with you and get irked picking up a heavy load. Then, a good inkling your mind could have is to buy a backpack!

Get yourself a nice, spacious backpack so that you can throw things a lot of things into it. Keep your books, laptop, snacks, stationery and phone handy and say Bye Bye to everyday hassle.

Other than the students, people who need to have a backpack are business travellers. Are you also a business traveller and finding it hard to decide how to be equipped with your necessary travel items? Picking up the right travel backpack is a task of great significance.

If the backpack is too big then it would be bulky as well. In that case, you will have to carry around extra weight. In the same way, if your backpack is too small, you won’t be able to accommodate your all items in it. If you ask, is there any rocket science picking up a right travel backpack? The short answer is Yes.

There are multiple backpacks and numerous places to buy them. Researching for one that fits your needs can be hours upon hours consuming task and it is certainly tedious. Another strategy could be trying dozens of backpacks to get the feel how will they work for you? It will also eat up your plenty of time and is an exhausting thing to do. No more confusion now here is a layout to the qualities a good travel backpack must-have.

The best backpack is the one that lasts the longest. Just purchase one you find amazing and feel it is going to be long-lasting. Following is a checklist to buy a right backpack just make sure your pick ticks all the boxes in the checklist.

  • Water Resistant Material

The backpack should be made out of water-resistant material. Don’t look for 100% Waterproof but at least it’s fabrication material should be semi-waterproof. In case you go for a multi-day hiking trip and encounter drizzle or severe downpour your gear doesn’t get wet. Some backpacks come with tarps to put over during rains. The material should be thick but lightweight. Treated Nylon Fiber would be an amazing choice as a perfect material.

  • Lockable Zippers

Each section of your backpack must have two zippers to lock them together. It will not only protect your luggage from getting stolen but will be a great help during moving it in at an airport. While purchasing locks, make sure that they are TSA friendly. These locks have special valves that allow TSA to unlock them without breaking them. They can easily check your backpack. If a lockable zipper is not featured in your backpack then you can still secure it with a Pacsafe. It is wrapping lockable metal mesh that can be tied to any object. Thought it adds a lot of weight but is a good option to protect your expensive commodities while your bag is unattended.

  • Multiple Compartments

A good travel backpack is one with multiple compartments. You can arrange your belongings in sets so that you can easily find them when needed. You won’t need to dig around your bag if the things are set properly. There will be no more mess in the backpack. You can also delicate these sections to your particular items and it will be more easy for you to every time assemble your things in the relevant section.

  • Internal Frame

Backpacks often come in two types of framing one is internal framing where the support rods are built inside. They look better and are not cumbersome. The other type is external framing where the support rods are at the exterior. These backpacks are heavier, the rods can let you get caught up in anything and even they don’t look smart. So make sure you buy a backpack with internal framing.

  • Padded Hip Belt and Shoulder Straps

Padded shoulder strap makes it easy for you to lift the whole weight comfortably. The weight will be pushing down the pressure to your hips. The padded hip belt will support and help to carry the load evenly on your back causing less fatigue. This hip belt should also be adjustable so that you can tune it accordingly to get extra support. Shoulder straps should be thickly padded and they also must be made up of a single piece of material so the chschool bagripping off will be diminished. They will help you take the pressure.

Final thoughts:

Backpacks are quite interchangeable these days. You can easily switch the purpose, from your normal schoolbag to your laptop backpack or turn it into a travel backpack for a short business trip. Long-lastness and durability are qualities of super importance for an ideal backpack. Try finding one matching with this checklist and there you go! You got one backpack that will last years and years.