The Best Backpacks For Your School Life & Business Travel Needs

With the advancement of technology, we have gradually realized the importance of backpacks. Earlier, we used to use backpacks to carry books, clothes, essential files and obviously water bottles. But, at present, along with these, we need to carry many more important things such as laptop, power bank, headphone, power bank, portable hard drive etc. Therefore, you can see a huge change in the design of backpacks and you can see that there are different types of backpacks available in the market. Well, you might be confused to see them. However, in this article, we are going to help you to get rid of this confusion by telling you some best backpacks for your school life and business travel needs. So, have a look at the following points:

Bange Technology Backpack: Bange which is an Italian brand that delivers professional backpacks for businessmen, as well as students and Bange technology backpack is one of the masterpieces from them. It comes with high storage capacity and therefore, if you are going for any weekend or an overnight trip, this backpack will be perfect for you. It also has a full zip opening system that allows you to load whatever you want very conveniently. Although the bag is made of nylon, for the lining material, polyester is used. There are some other interesting features as well that make this bag more approachable. Let us have a look at them in the lines mentioned below:

  • Water-resistant and Ultra-Durable: It does not matter whether you travel frequently or you use your backpack roughly, Bange technology backpack consists of water-resistant and durable fabric padding which makes it highly durable and suitable for all seasons.
  • Perfect For Carrying laptop: No matter whether you are- traveler or businessman or student, you must need a backpack to carry your laptop. But unfortunately, most of the laptop backpacks available in the market do not offer you enough space after loading your laptop into it. But, Bange technology backpack comes with a separate laptop compartment which is perfectly suitable for 15.6’’ laptop. The laptop compartment is fully padded and so, it will give your laptop solid protection.
  • Comfortable and Easy Handling:The backpack comes with padded shoulder straps which will give you ultimate comfort. It also has multiple external straps that make the backpack very easy to handle.
  • Elastic Side Pocket and Interior Pocket:Elastic side pocket and interior pocket are additional useful features of this backpack. You can use the elastic side pocket to carry a water bottle whereas; the interior pocket can be used for keeping cell phones or keys chains.

The price of this backpack is only $39.90 and you can order this online from MrBackpacks easily.

TANGCOOL Anti-theft Backpack: If you are looking for a stylish travel backpack or school bag, TANGCOOL anti-theft backpack will be perfect for you. The backpack consists of some interesting features that make it the ideal choice for everyone.

  • Multiple Compartments: It is also called a laptop backpackas it comes with an 18 x 12 x 6-inch compartment that is capable of holding 13 inches, 14 inches, 15 inches and 15.6-inch laptop. Along with this, it has some other compartments for carrying books, clothes, power banks, water bottles and many more.
  • Anti-theft Design: The bag comes with an anti-theft design that keeps your valuable items safe.
  • Highly Durable:The backpack is made of oxford fabric which is eco-friendly and it makes your backpack very durable.

The backpack comes with an attractive price tag of $35.00 only and you can buy it from